Married and flirting

It’s no longer an uncommon thing today, that many people are married and flirting to each other or to a single person. There are many reasons why this could happen. It could start anytime and anywhere. Many things could be the trigger for this marriage phenomenon. It could come from within the marriage itself, or from external causes like reconnecting with an old flame.

Is Technology Really At Fault?

It’s a bit unfair to call Facebook and other social media as the ones at fault. While it’s true that many married people have started an affair through these Social Medias. Whether they’re reconnecting with an old flame, or finding a new one. These Social Medias helped them escape from their stagnant and lonely marriage. Still, they’re not the main reason that encouraged dating sites for married people to start sprouting. There’s a shifted understanding on marriage, as well as the reason why people are getting married. The change isn’t visible or very drastic, but it’s still there.

married and cheating

Personal Issue

Most important thing that you can’t shake off is the fact that each relationship is different one another. The opening line in Anna Karenina could be applied in this situation. “All happy family is alike, each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.” The amount of people who are happily married may be a lot more than the unhappily married ones. But you would never know if they are really happy or not. Anyhow, it doesn’t mean that the only married and flirting case started from the unhappy marriages. It could happen to everyone.

There’s no exact science that could give you the answer on why there are married people who are still seek for love elsewhere. Are they married and lonely, or is there any other underlying issue? Another thing you should remember is that married and flirting could be done by anyone. It could happen to someone who seemed to be a very quiet and faithful person. Love is something nobody can control. It would be very unfair of you to easily judge someone because they fall in love or happened to be in an affair with a married person.